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Two-tone GMT watches are divided into two parts - the black dial with black bezel and the brown dial and bronze and gold bezel. The latter has seen a revival in the last few years. This culminated in the superb relaunch of the Root Beer this year at Baselworld. The new iwc portofino replica 2 super case, with its Cerachrom bezel and browns, blacks, golds and steel, was one of this year's biggest hits. Will it be as successful as the steel Pepsi? Most likely not, but the people who know... they know.

Clint Eastwood is said to have given the 16753, a 1970s model, the nickname because it was one of his favourite references. The nipple dial, which is a result of the shaped hour markers on the dial of this watch, gives it an edge over similar two-tone portofino replica Also the contrast between the soft brown dial and the washed out bronze and gold insert makes the Root Beer a watch worth watching. It's good for Clint, so it's probably good for us.

Rolex's high-end watches are known for their gem-setting. Some of the world's best jewelers work in the Rolex Factory. The brand's decision to embellish their sports watches with precious gemstones was one of its most innovative moves. Submariner watches, iwc portofino replicas, and the most famous Daytona, have all had precious stones set into them. These include sapphires emeralds rubies and diamonds. They are also highly sought after by serious collectors.

The ref. The first bling GMT was launched in 1979 with the 16758 SARU. The dial had sapphires set into the hour markers. In keeping with the Pepsi theme, the bezel was half-set with rubies and sapphires, with diamonds for the hour markers. This practice was continued in the third-generation iwc portofino replicas, which are available in both white and yellow gold. The Rolex Milgauss Replica is available with rubies, black sapphires, and diamonds. It also comes in pave-set cases, and the centre links of the Oyster bracelets can be pave-set. This is a serious bling item.

What is the most rare? The 116749SABLNR is probably the rarest, a white gold case GMT2 with a black and blue sapphire bezel. It was made in only 20 pieces exclusively for the Chinese market. What is its nickname? Bruce Wayne is the obvious answer.